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On October 23rd and 24th, Innovation China 2014 will again bring the vanguard of the Innovation and Investment industries together in Shanghai. Since its inception in November 2013 at the Shanghai World Expo Center, Innovation China has become China’s foremost platform for domestic and foreign Innovators, Investors, Startups, MNC’s, VC firms, industry associations and governmental agencies to network and collaborate. The two-day conference affords attendees the opportunity to share insights, explore challenges, inspire ideas, predict trends, study policies, discuss the future, and foster a supportive Innovation EcoSystem.

At this year’s event, Innovation China 2014, we will again witness the colliding sparks of thoughts from the most brilliant minds of the Chinese and Western worlds, as we collectively contemplate answers to our industries’ most scintillating questions:

  • In the Innovation world and VC industry, what’s the most distinctive difference between China and western world?
  • Is VC model investing in hard technology broken?
  • Where should the industry go and what are the potential solutions?
  • What is your choice (both start-up and MNC) of innovation strategies: independent innovation, imitative innovation, or open innovation?
  • How would Innovation work as the propelling strategy for China’s future development?

Join us to hear industry participants discussing the reality and implications of the increased “software-lization of the VC world,” to brainstorm global progress through hard technologies, to discover the locations and specializations of incubators, government-supported innovation funds, and technology-focused banking support that you can leverage in financing your innovation, and to discuss perhaps the hottest topic on the global frontier of innovation: dynamic capabilities.

In this overall context, we can exchange best practices, discover both proven and cutting-edge solutions, and simply discuss shared experiences. Through such knowledge exchange, we can further nurture the global technology Innovation Center in Shanghai, advancing what Chinese governments have depicted as “Innovation Driven Strategy” and the “Four New Things” – New Industry, New Ecosystem, New technology, and New model.

The two-day event this year will also launch SEIF Challenge. SEIF Challenge is an award that is offered by the SSEIF Foundation (Shanghai Strategic Emerging Industries Foundation) and its partners to start-up companies in the Seven Strategic Emerging Industries in China’s 12th five-year plan. Every year, the SEIF Challenge will focus on one of the seven industries, and invite judging panels that are comprised of venture capitalists and corporate VC groups in the industry. Presenting companies not only has chance to win grants and training, but also a great opportunity to meet strategic investors in the industry face-to face.

The Oct 24th SEIF Challenge this year will feature a half-day world-class entrepreneurship training session followed by half-day startup pitch and contest featuring entrepreneurs from both China and abroad in the advanced materials sector. Winner will be awarded with grants and a free three-day “start-up bootcamp” offered by the award-winning Price Center for Entrepreneurship at the UCLA Anderson Management School.

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